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Fix PC Errors

Our systems seldom faces many kind of errors which results in slow processing or loss of data. If you are looking such kind of symptoms then it means your system needs support. The errors occurring could be of various types and likely they affect various parts of system. These flaws create problems while we are working on the system. There are many times junk or unwanted files which we do not want to have. We provide clearner which scans your whole system and remove all the incorrect or obsolete information. This results in secure data at your system, and fast processing of PC. Read more

Remove Malware

Malware are malicious software which is specially designed for gathering the sensitive information of computer users through scripts, codes, software and advertisement etc. Malware include ransomware, worms, keyloggers, Trojan horses, computer viruses, dialers, spyware, adware etc. Our latest technology software will prevent you from these malwares. It removes all the malwares in short processing time and your personal information will remain safe from malware’s attack. Our software provides real time detection of malwares by popping up on screen whenever any malware found and fix it without compromising your system privacy. It also allows you to block adware programs which are malicious. Read more

Clean Up Clutter

By the use of computer system regularly system clutters are accumulated in the PC. It is    mandatory to clean the PC at regular interval. If you will never do so PC’s performance will degrade and it also affects the stability of the system. You can clean the junk and garbage from your PC manually and can make your system run longer but what if this function can be done automatically and by just a click. Our software will help you in cleaning up these accumulated clutters from your system time to time. Maintenance of your PC is necessary and by the use of our software is easily possible. Read more

Boost Speed

Is your PC running slower and is it going very frustrating for you? Does your internet or any opening file crashes generally? These things occur due to some obsolete data or infections which enter our system in some way or the other. To get the speed of system back, there is need to remove those unwanted programs running in our system. Our software can help to get rid of such problem. It goes through each and every file of the system, looks for the issues which are creating such errors and then fix errors and remove viruses. This reduces data in the system and increases the speed of system.Read more

Defrag Your PC

We often do fragmentation of hard disk for our convenience but fragmentation can load your hard disk to do extra work as it slowdowns the system. The files will take time longer than usual for opening and saving. So it is required to defragment the disks to improve the system performance. Defragmentation combines the fragmented data for more efficient functionality of the PC. One can manually defragment the disk and also by the help of optimizer tools. Live optimizer helps in defragmentation of the disk space and rearranges the fragmented data and does faster processing. Live optimizer runs automatically according to the schedule but one can also do it manually if required. Read more

Decrease Startup Time

All of us will always prefer that our system turn on fast and if sometimes it starts up late then it goes very frustrating. We turn on and off our system many times but the problem is inside the system which is letting the system to process slow. Virus program is with a property that it duplicates itself along with destroying data present system. This duplicity of viruses let more memory usage and the system becomes full. While starting our PC have to check all those duplicate files also which results in more consumption of time. Live Optimizer optimizes all the extra programs running in our system thus letting the system to start fast. Read more

Open Unknown Files

Many times we see files which do not open in our system. We can get such files when we download some data from internet and it is in some particular format or even we can get it from any of our friend. This occurs due to the file format in which the data is present. There are various file formats in which data can be stored. It could be .jpg, .pdf , .rar or other. To open these files there must be the setup to read such files. Live Optimizer looks for the software required to run such files, fix the problem and then you can read all the important data encapsulated in files. Read more

Protect Your Information

Information security is of utmost importance when it comes to computer security from malicious software. If your system is not protecting any unauthorized user can have excess to your system and can misuse your data for own benefit. Usually hackers use to spread malwares and collect important data of users like account login details and after logging in the account misuse the authority of user. Our software helps in protecting the crucial information stored in your system from malicious software. It regularly cleans up unwanted data stored in history as this data can also be a source of malwares and can put your data on high risk. Read more

Live Optimizer

Live Optimizer software is specially designed for optimizing the performance of your system. It also prevents your system from the attack of malicious software. Live Optimizer aims at providing complete solution for every type of PC related issues. Our software also acts as an antispyware protection and antivirus protection software. These protection tools help in the securing crucial and confidential information of user and removes malwares that can harm your system. Live Optimizer provides additional facilities of defragmentation of system, removal of unwanted junk and garbage files, decrease start up time, fix PC errors and boost system speed. The feature of compatibility with all latest operating systems makes Live Optimizer the best PC optimization and security tool.

Product Reviews

  • I made a purchase of live optimizer and I will have to say this is the best PC optimization tool. After scanning my system with live optimizer all the pc issues are fixed and now my system is running smoothly testimonial img- Michael Brignall
  • It is very easy to download and run. Live optimizer’s performance is really commendable. It has saved my system from crashing. I will definitely recommend this software to all testimonial img - Liza
  • I had an attack of malware on my system due to which my important information was leaked. After installing live optimizer in my PC I am tension free from such attacks as live optimizer has secured my system from such malwares by finding and removing the testimonial img - Zack Fisher
  • Thanks to live optimizer, you are a life saver for my laptop. Previously my laptop was very slow and I always use to get adware and malware popping up on my screen but live optimizer has boost up my laptop’s speed and also now no pop ups are flashing from harmful sites and software testimonial img - Shara Wilson
  • I am a not a computer savvy person and also don’t have much computer knowledge but after using live optimizer I love to work on PC because now my system is working without any trouble and it’s fun to use. Live optimizer does all the work by itself to improve my system performance testimonial img- Paul Tibken
  • It is best software which works as antivirus as well as a PC optimizer with great performance. My PC is completely secure with Live Optimizer testimonial img - Tim Whittaker
  • It is an All-in-one deal which has prevented my system from all possible attacks and harms on my system. Guys! Grab this deal right away, you will definitely love it testimonial img - Mark Halfon
  • I love the feature of defragmentation of Live Optimizer. It’s really a good way to improve PC performance and boost system speed testimonial img - Miles Muchmore
  • Read More..

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